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wrought iron guardrail

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Products/Services: wrought iron guardrail 
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wrought iron guardrail
How to install wrought iron fence will not be shaken knowledge:
First, assemble the guardrail connection member may not be on the ground floor and the wood turtle, the stability of the wood screws and wood flooring;
Secondly, on the basis of the three principles of the wrought iron fence to enter the flat, stable pieces of cohesion expansion screws can not be unified to the Internet, and do more spacing, in order to strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise fixed things, such as welding cohesion, internal and external barriers, must be soldered
Then, before installation, released, arranged through the elongated conductor, in accordance with the inclination angle of the roundness and the handrail, the processing out of the groove in its upper end. Then directly into the railway after the groove, the progress in the other end of the other end of field welding installation the adjacent rail mounting docking accurate, JV closely. Adjacent steel pipe docking, will be used in combination, the wrought iron electrode for welding.
Finally, all welded wrought iron fence, the use of hand-held grinder, welding smooth sanding know welding. When polishing flannel wheel or felt of the day, the appropriate polishing paste, polishing, until substantially in line with the adjacent base material, does not indicate that since welding.
Install iron fence, causing the the qualified installation process, which related to the security issues can not be sloppy, and later about the wrought iron fence installation

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